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We help you implement marketing strategies focused on optimization, communication, and promotion. Our strategies will help you expand your brand's reach to new audiences. We also create brand stories that help you connect with your customers and get everyone talking about you.

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Who is your target? Gender, age, market. What are their interests? Which social networks do they use? Our experts will help you define these personas to create campaigns that reach the right target audience.

Setting KPIs

What are your goals and objectives? What do you want to achieve with the budget allocated to influencers? In which markets? We will focus your Influencer Marketing campaign according to your vision, mission and the objectives you have set for.

Influencer Identification

Connecting your target with relevant influencers sounds easy. It isn't. Our clients have full access to influencer demographics and can see which influencers are perfect for their campaigns.

SEO y Mercadeo de

La relación entre tú y un Influencer tiene que implicar un acuerdo legal donde los Influencers conozcan sus derechos y obligaciones. Nosotros nos encargamos de que cada Influencer que formará parte de tu campaña firme un acuerdo y se comprometa con los “deliverables”.

Creación de Contenido

Para que cualquier campaña de Influencers tenga éxito, no puedes limitarte a confiar en sus seguidores, sino que tienes que pensar en la mejor manera de interactuar con tus  usuarios. Te ayudaremos a crear conceptos y contenidos que pongan seguidores de los Influencers a interactuar contigo.

Results Tracking

Tracking results is crucial to understanding the success of an influencer marketing campaign. We will implement tools that provide comprehensive reports and tangible metrics for all activities.

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